Mass Effect 3 Prizes and Goodies nomnomnom

Microsoft are in the process of trying to create EVEN MORE hype for Mass Effect 3. Pfft like that’s possible… Anyway their new attempt involves a Facebook app called Mission Command. After giving EA access to your Facebok details by signing up for the app you can do a series of “missions” including getting your friends to like the page, posting pick-up lines for Liara and apparently downloading the demo or sharing videos/pictures of you pretending to be in Mass Effect.

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Max Payne 3 Release Date

Rockstar have apparently put an official release date down for Max Payne 3 and have again changed the date of the release of the PC version. For real this time. After delays (the last of which I genuinely foretold back in my introspection on 2012) and set-backs and general faffing about we now can finally tell you that Max Payne will be coming to consoles on the 15th of May in North America and the 18th of May in Europe. It will then be coming to PCs a little later on the 29th of May.

Let’s hope that’s the last of the faffing…

The Witcher 2 Cinematic Trailer

Hang on. A trailer for a game that’s already been out for a while? Almost a year actually? Well that’s because it’s a trailer for the X-Box 360 version (or Enhanced Edition) of the RPG developed by CD Projekt RED which is due out on April 17th.

Regardless of the reasons behind the trailer, it’s definitely the coolest one I’ve seen so far this year. Magic, combat and awesome is the name of the day in this cinematic trailer. It features an Assassin of Kings assassinating a king (the clue is in the name you know) and magic and blood flies absolutely everywhere.

I’m genuinely impressed and I think you should check it out after the jump!

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ThatForrow’s Demo Time – The Darkness 2

ThatForrow, international funny man and game player has brought us the second in his series of Demo Time. This, the second episode, features the upcoming horror/shooter The Darkness II by 2K Games.

So sit back, relax… Well actually… You’ll find it difficult to relax here… It’s creepy and amusing in spades! So sit forward, tense up and have a wee chuckle! Here’s Master Forrow’s Dem Time!

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X-Box 360 Unleashes New Dashboard

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot about this!

Revision must actually be getting to me… In fairness I haven’t actually played on an X-Box in over a week so I do have an excuse for not really being up-to-date with this one.

Well as some of us know a new X-Box 360 dashboard was launched a couple of days ago. Why? I don’t really know… Is it any good? You’ll have to wait for me to have a look at it in order to find out.

In another attempt to engage those of you reading this: Have any of you any thoughts on the new dashboard? Any problems you’ve noticed so far?