ThatForrow’s Demo Time – The Darkness 2

ThatForrow, international funny man and game player has brought us the second in his series of Demo Time. This, the second episode, features the upcoming horror/shooter The Darkness II by 2K Games.

So sit back, relax… Well actually… You’ll find it difficult to relax here… It’s creepy and amusing in spades! So sit forward, tense up and have a wee chuckle! Here’s Master Forrow’s Dem Time!

I’d like to use this opportunity to say, the game itself doesn’t look half bad does it? I can’t really comment on gameplay as I’ve just had the same second hand experience you should have had. But visually it LOOKS impressive and the gameplay format seems both original and awesome.

That part where the weird snake shadows come out of him and he tears some guys in half was SO damned cool!

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