Warco: Because normal FPSes are BORING!

Okay, so another game for some radars (maybe mine included) is this! Warco, The News Game. It’s an FPS set in modern day… Benouja? Yeah they invented a country in Africa just so they could have a war there and not upset anyone…

Anyway there is a twist to the game! You don’t actually shoot the bad guys. At least not in the normal sense. No! In fact what you have to do is FILM them!

Basically you are a news reporter for some network and you have to film the goings on around you and then patch together the footage to be shown and tutted over at home. And you have to get out of the battle-zones alive!

Now it does SOUND interesting. But lets face it interesting doesn’t necessarily mean good. The way I see it, the game could easily crash and burn, after all there’s only so many FPS gamers these days who would be bothered to actually film a moving scene of a crying child amidst some carnage (or something like that) when there are plenty of games where you can cause the carnage in the first place!

It could work though, if they make it tense enough, so that it actually feels like you are running for you life while desperately trying to get some decent footage, it might well work. So hey, might well be worth keeping an eye on! Check out the trailer here:

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