Time to be a Massive Dickhead

Okay so I recently made a post where I mentioned my discovery of A Game of Thrones: Genesis. Well NOW they’ve released a trailer where they show you some of the gameplay itself!

Frankly though, the trailer is a little disappointing… Moody and mysterious perhaps (no blacksmith worth his salt ISN’T moody and mysterious when making a sword…) but really it doesn’t show very much that the screenshots haven’t already.

It shows people moving about, it shows a dragon burning… something… It shows some nice scenery as well! But really there isn’t anything in the trailer itself that would interest me. It DOESN’T show the combat at all (nor is it entirely clear whether the guys moving about in the trailer are the army markers or actually units) which is something I would have liked to see already. Nor does it show the part of the game that actually caught my interest in the first place.

The supposedly important diplomatic system. Because lets face it, diplomacy in most RTSs is just pointless and sometimes even annoying, so a game where you can APPARENTLY win without actually fighting the others strikes me as interesting. I guess it might be hard to show in a trailer though…

Oh well! Enjoy!

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