Video Mondaily – Jumping on Command

A long time ago in a flat far, far away… (Also known as a few days ago in a flat in Edinburgh via an online messenger).

Tim: “Hey Seb, check out The Rake – Back to Asylum. Might be fun or make a good video.”

Seb: “What is it? What makes you say that?”

Tim: “It’s an Indie Horror game, check it out!”

Seb: “Uh… Sure! What’s the worst that could happen!?”

Well, I have demonstrated before, I have been known to do things on command and as you may have noticed my attitude towards playing The Rake by Mike R. was pretty gung-ho. After all… What could POSSIBLY go wrong with playing the free indie horror?

Well the answer to that is: “quite a lot actually” and if you are interested in watching me shrieking like a little girl in absolute terror then you ought to check out after the jump!

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Video Mondaily – Lots of Torchlight 2

Hey folks! Yeah we’re finally back after over two weeks of not posting we ought to be getting back into the game (pun intended). Seriously though the past few weeks have been a mixture of distractions, everyone being busy and most of us being lazy and so we haven’t been posting, I know it’s been ever longer than that since we’ve had some News, but hey… I was in holiday mode! Seriously though we ought to be getting back into the posting business properly round about now as we have all now settled into our respective Uni’s and are ready to work on things both Work and Game wise. Just as importantly we are already getting some great videos onto Youtube for you to check out! And today we have a rather nice little selection of videos for you to check out.

Gary and Tim were lucky enough to start playing Torchlight 2, the top down RPG similar to Diablo 3, from Runic Games and have already created a number of cool little videos. Each video features a different encounter or a different challenge and most are conducted with the two of them mostly muddling their way through! So, short and sweet and you can check them out after the jump! Enjoy my friends! And remember to keep coming back for more!

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Endweek News – Awesome Gameplay of Dishonored, Concept Art of Episode 3, some Halo 4 stuff, Meeting the Pyro and the release date of Guild Wars 2

Another week has passed, I hope that for you it was more productive than mine was. The biggest news that you can expect from me this week is that I completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Xbox and despite constantly saving and being more careful than a very careful thing I managed to set off a bloody alarm at SOME point during the game without noticing and thus missed out on an extra 100 achievement points for my gamer-score. Honestly, I think that has thrown me into a bad mood and I… Oh you’re here for some REAL news? I forgot that this Deus Ex stuff wasn’t important…

So what is important eh? What important shiz has been happiziling?

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Bioshock Infinite – Life amongst the clouds is troublesome

2K Games and Infinity Ward have spent the last month or so slowly revealing some of the tougher fights you can expect in Bioshock Infinite. Whilst admiring the view and killing the ordinary splicers (are they still splicers?) you will occasionally come across some people that will just put a crimp in your day. You know the sort, folk who just can’t mind their own damn business while you try to save the world. The sort of grumpy bastards that clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then proceeded to fall into a massive pile of armour and massive weapons…

And magic… Let’s not forget the magic…

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Mass Effect 3 videos launched from the Normandy

Bioware have launched a whole FIVE new videos related to all things Mass Effect 3. They show of the Player Choices, the Co-op multiplayer, the combat and action, the personalisation you can do your guns and your Shepard and the enemies you will be fighting.

I actually haven’t watched ANY of them. You see, all the sites I’ve seen these videos posted on mentions Spoilers (as I am now) and I don’t want to spoil any of this great game. That said I thought I ought to tell you folks about them in case you do want to see some of the new stuff. Again, that said I actually had a bit of trouble finding the various videos on Youtube. So I’ll just refer you to Eurogamer who have all 5 videos set out in a nice format for you to watch at your discretion! Enjoy!

Helljumper – The Covenant never had it so bad…

Just a brief reminder to everyone about a news post I made before Christmas. The online TV show Helljumper which focuses on the ODST during first contact with the Covenant in the Halo Universe and which looks awesome and amazing will have it’s first episode premiere on the 26th of this month!

I thoroughly recommend you remember to check out the official site on that date so you too can enjoy some awesome Halo-ness! The first episode will be around 22 minutes long so it shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Besides why on earth would you want to miss this. Or why in the Universe might be more apt… Continue reading

Some Tunes for Christmas

As we can expect there to not be much news over Christmas I think it may get a little quiet around here at MMGaming. In order to keep up some semblance of activity though I have decided to honour the European release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic with some awesome, galactic music composed By Mark Griskey, Gordy Haab, Lennie Moore, and Wilbert Roget.

The sort of music that sends shivers up your spine and covers you with goose-bumps. The sort of soundtrack that makes you feel that if you concentrate hard enough you might actually be able to use the force and a lightsaber might appear in your hand. If you just close your eyes you can almost feel it’s weight in your hand…

And then, to prove that I also know what the general public likes, I’m going to post a rap cover of the same music. Huzzah!

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