MMGaming Discusses: Hard Reset

MMGaming discusses the preview build of Hard Reset, the interesting cyberpunk shooter due for release in September.

ALSO! I want you to note. We are grumpy young men (well Seb and Douglas are.)

Tim : Hello!

Douglas : Hello!

Seb : Hey

Tim: So What did we all think of the Hard Reset preview build?

Seb: I enjoyed it (for the most part)

Douglas: Yeah I thought it was pretty good aside from a few small things

Tim: Different enough from CoD and Halo and all that jazz to make it interesting for me to play it through

Seb: Oh, it was definitely interesting. Different too. And you know, I did like the difference. Though I did have a bit of a problem with the game, and it sort of ruined most of the experience for me…

Seb: Unfortunately

Tim: Which was?

Seb: The game ran really slowly. In most of the fights my aim and movement was waaaay slower than it should’ve been. So it wasn’t a problem with the game, as such.

Tim: I think that was your computers incompetence rather than the game

Tim: Since mine ran like a boar with a poker up its ass

Douglas: Were you playing on a laptop cause I had that problem at the start then i just dropped down the quality and it was alright after that… wee bit jittery but still playable

Seb: I did that too, I had the graphics set to “Low” for the whole thing.

Douglas: Has your computer passed the ‘Crysis test’ ??!

Seb: The what now?

Douglas: If it can play Crysis on highest visuals then your computer is a beast of a machine!

Tim: Hahaha. Focus people! Hard Reset! Interesting new shooter!

Douglas: Okay back to Hard Reset…

Tim: Obviously you guys were running it at lower specs, but at max it really was a sight to see. The cyberpunk world was really alive.

Seb: Even on low it really looked fantastic.

Tim: Graphics were great but what nagged me seemed to be variety

Seb: Or lack thereof?

Tim: Exactly, was there like what 5 different enemy types?

Douglas: 4 out of 5 melee too…

Tim: Yeah those crazy bastards in the hospital shot stuff right?

Douglas: Yup what tim said

Tim: There was some rocket robots at the boss area too though

Douglas: They didn’t even move though!

Seb: They looked liked the Charger motherfuckers and then shot you with rockets.

Douglas: You could just keep shooting them from like half a mile away then running behind something when the rockets came at you

Tim: But the game wasn’t easy though

Seb: Second that.

Douglas: Third that, What difficulty did you guys play on?

Seb: I died quite a few times. Mostly in the section where you have to turn on the hospital power generator.

Seb: Normal Difficulty

Tim: Normal here

Douglas: And that makes three of us… can’t even imagine what very hard would be like

Seb: A little concerning I’d imagine. It’s been a while since I’ve played a game where one of the common mobs takes several rockets to down.

Douglas: Yeah those guys reaaallllly pissed me off (i’m assuming you’rereferring to the big ones that charge you?)

Tim: Big detractor from the game those guys. Just unnecessary

Seb: Yeah, those are the ones. Chargers… bastards..

Douglas: Not only too common but also too early I think. 3 of them at once in the second level?!

Seb: The biggest problem I found with them is that it’s so bleeding hard to tell when they were almost dead. I know the armour comes off. But even after a dozen plates come off it still felt like it took a bajizillion shots to kill them…

Tim: It was the clutter for me. Couldn’t dodge the bastards

Douglas: Basically everything about them sucks.

Tim: We could go on about these guys forever. To sum up though?

Douglas: Big charging brutes = bad

Seb: Ground was over-crowded (I mean seriously… how many fucking tyres does one street need to have rolling about the place) = bad

Tim: Interesting guns/ gun mechanic! = good

Douglas: Yeah, very original. Only thing I’d say is it isn’t always clear enough what weapon you are actually using

Seb: I didn’t find that too difficult actually.

Tim: You’re a knob.

Seb: Lots of environmental ways to destroy the bad gyus = good

Tim: Agreed, but the overall game = good. Worth looking at if you are into running backwards against hordes of robots

Seb: I think overall the game was good, at least I enjoyed it

Douglas: So the big question: would you buy it?

Seb: Hmm… I don’t think so unfortunately. *Blah blah blah Seb continues in a rant involving other games he wants* But I just don’t think I will. How about you?

Douglas: Well…. I said earlier that I would possibly buy it. But actually this discussion has put me off it a bit more (whoops). So no I don’t think I would either. Maybe in a few years. Too much ragequit I imagine

Seb: Ragequit… Ragequit everywhere… So there you have it. A pretty damn good game which we all liked, but unfortunately found too much to fault with to consider buying (at least for now).

Seb: And on that note, I’m off to grab some eats!

Douglas: Good plan!

Tim: … I might buy it…

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