New Mass Effect 3 Trailer


So Bioware released a brand spanking new trailer for Mass Effect 3 (coming Spring 2012). It isn’t really what I would classify as a trailer as I always think that Gameplay trailers should come under a separate category than cinematic trailers.

So in the new trailer, dubbed “Part 1” of the reveal of Mass Effect 3’s combat, you see… well… gameplay of the combat that will be in Mass Effect 3.

Pretty self explanatory really. I have to say, that while it does look cool, I can’t really see any differences between that and Mass Effect 2 (that’s not a complaint by the way). Apparently there will be new commands for your squad (alongside the usual new abilities) so perhaps tactics will become more important, but squad commands in games often tend to be a little pointless as your squad either does what you need them to anyway… or they’re too shit to do anything useful. At least that’s my experience.

However, this is likely not going to be the last we hear about ME3’s combat. After all… it’s only “Part 1”.

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