Relationships are Tricky…

So today I learned a few interesting things about relationships. Not real ones obviously… That’s crazy talk!

So apparently, I’m not as up to date with the Old Republic as I had thought, because apparently you will have companions who will accompany you in game. This is news to me as I had thought the game would be like other MMORPG’s and focus more on the Multiplayer side of the game rather than the RPG side of it.

However Old Republic can do no wrong in my eyes so frankly this development for me makes no difference to my desire to buy the game.

What is interesting however is that you can also apparently have relationships with your companions. Another odd unusual move for an MMO, but once again no complaints. Where it get really interesting however is that apparently same sex relationships will NOT be allowed in SWTOR. End of discussion.

So basically, there will be no gay Jedi or Sith wandering about. This is pretty shocking that Bioware would simply refuse to allow same-sex relationships into their game and I, I imagine I’m not the only one. Obviously it’s a pretty thorny issue, but I think that same sex relationships should be allowed as much in game as they should be in real life, so it’s a definite frown towards Bioware there.

What’s particularly surprising is that this is the same Bioware that created Mass Effect which positively lauded the relationship of a female Human with a female blue alien. It seems a step backwards if you ask me…

The good news is that Bethesda are apparently more tolerant and are allowing not only same-sex relationships but same-sex marriage into Skyrim, so you can romance whoever the hell you please. That strikes me as yet another gold star for them!

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