Relationships are Tricky: Part 2

So if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that a while back I made a post about how in Star Wars: The Old Republic you would have companions with whom you could have relationships but along with this news was the surprise that same-sex relationships would NOT be allowed. And from what I understand Bioware was pretty final about this.

Or at least Lucas Industries was, because Bioware have had same-sex relationships in their games before and so it struck me as odd that they would not allow them in another of their games.

However now Bioware has announced that same-sex relationships WILL be introduced to the game after it’s been launched in a content patch of some kind.

Basically, it looks they are back-peddling furiously. After the uproar from the community it makes sense that they would say they are going to change it, and it seems unlikely that it was their plan all along as they would have mentioned it in the first place to prevent the uproar at all.

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