DDLC: Dungeon Downloadable Content

Square Enix have announced some new DLC for their massive RPG Dungeon Siege 3. Called Treasures of the Sun, there will be new loot, quests and all the usual bits and bobs associated with DLC. Apparently the level cap will be raised, there will be new abilities and also a new enchanting system.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t have Dungeon Siege 3, nor do any of the other MMGamers. Which is a bit of a shame really. I remember thoroughly enjoying the first one and putting a great deal of thought into buying the latest instalment. Personally, I put Dungeon Siege 3 pretty high up on my list of “Games I think I should have bought”.

Check out the Gameplay trailer here… because I can:

2 thoughts on “DDLC: Dungeon Downloadable Content

  1. So they ruined the name of a great game series and decided to poop more on it… ‘cuz you know, that’d bring them more money. Chris Taylor made a big mistake leaving the game to Obsidian; a BIG mistake.

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