Morning Your Lordship!

Wow, Stronghold… A game I haven’t even thought about since the original which is hidden waaay back in the mists of time. And suddenly I hear about Stronghold 3! I don’t know if anyone reading this played the original Stronghold, but it was fantastic, the graphics, the gameplay, everything, was brilliant. It remains one of my favourite strategy games and I have many a good memory of building the most awesome castles I could put together.

Well colour me intrigued, so I checked out a few bits and pieces, including the Official Trailer and the new Economic trailer. And I have to say, it looks good. Really good. So I think it seems possible that at least one of us MMGamers might try and get this gem.

Also, if you check out the economic trailer… my god… Nostalgia city, the same tune, the same peasant voices, the same cows. It certainly gave me a few shivers watching it.

Anyway, check out the Official trailer here:

And check out the new economic trailer here:

2 thoughts on “Morning Your Lordship!

  1. Having not played the original stronghold since I was like 15 I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about this one. I didn’t ever think another sequel was on the cards given how poor the second one was but it’s nice to see they’re getting back to the style of the first game.

    I do think this will be a hard core gamers only title though. The mainstream, 14 year old, wow playing masses of today will barely give it a look. Fine screw you guys, I say, more for me!

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