Back from the Dead (Kinda)



So I, the mighty founder of MMGaming haven’t been posting in a while. This is unfortunately unavoidable due to me moving into a new flat (Yay!) without internet yet. (Aww!) So I thought I would let you in what I have been doing occupying myself in these dark internetless times.

To start I completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Damn that is a good game and you can check my review here. You know what though fuck those boss fights. I may have been drunk when attempting each boss fight the first time but it really sucks away from the game (If you have played it you will know what I mean!) I am tempted to play through the game again on the hardest difficulty while recording for you guys but those mother@%&£*$ really put me off.

What else did I do. Oh yes I recorded a bit of me playing Achron (Mindfuck) but I can’t upload the damn thing.

Most importantly though I started playing an absolute classic with my flatmate. Here is a clue: Ehb. The true Ehb not this new shit. Guess what it is yet? If you haven’t then you clearly have missed out on a serious part of the history of gaming.

Dungeon-F’ing-Siege. God I love that game. Fighting through hordes of enemies with your buddy by your side. (Or in my case my “healbot” flatmate) Seeing your champion develop and level up, gain tasty loots and kill massive bosses. So what if it is just a simple point and click to kill. This game is amazing. We spent 4 hours non-stop stampeding through the multiplayer campaign and I would happily spend another evening or more doing so.

Also I realise I am not writing in proper sentences and MSWord is shouting at me for it. I don’t care.

I might even do a review here on this site of oh mighty Dungeon Siege. Wait Seb won’t let me? What are you saying? You can’t stop me! GET AWAY FROM ME AGARHGH….

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