Need… Mass Resurrection… Stat!

Pic semi related… Anyway, this news post doesn’t really have anything to do with games as it is a news post about MMGaming itself. I just wanted to get out there in advance that the next few weeks might see the number of posts on the site slow down a little. Hopefully it won’t slow down and if it does it hopefully will be only a minor decrease, but the MMGamers will be fairly busy for the next few weeks.

Tim goes on holiday to Brazil tomorrow and won’t get back for two weeks, and when he does return he will be jumping straight back into Uni classes. I am moving to Uni halls on Sunday, followed by Freshers week and then I will be having to actually do Uni work two weeks from now. Ali also moves into his new flat on Friday and will start classes in the same two weeks as I will. And Doug is still having a fair amount of stress with his move to his flat AND he too will have Uni work soon.

Basically we’re going to be busy… It’s a bunch of excuses, yes. But at least they are valid excuses.

Anyway, as I said, hopefully there won’t be a massive decrease in our posting! Seb out!

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