Trailers…. Trailers Everywhere….

I’m not sure whether it’s because I haven’t been looking hard enough or whether I am simply missing everything by coming on at so infrequent times. But there doesn’t seem to be much news around for me to post.

Well there is news, but it’s all pretty uninteresting stuff. I mean YOU may care that Zombie Island has now beaten Deus Ex for the top selling spot in the UK. But frankly… I don’t. And life is too short for me to be bothered posting ALL of that sort of thing even if I was interested.

So in the meantime here are some amusing teasers of Battlefield 3 and Saints Row: The Third. Battlefield is shaping up to look absolutely fantastic and I think as game I would prefer it to MW3. Sorry fanboys. Also Saints Row is looking absolutely ludicrous and full of ridiculous mayhem. And frankly… That’s AWESOME! Basically I think that these are two games it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes on.

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