Tribes Ascend Beta Soon!

So if you have been following the development of the futuristic FPS Tribes:Ascend then you are unfortunately more in the loop than I am. I have seen the screenshots in various places and I’ve seen the  PAX teaser trailer and both of these things do strike me as surprisingly epic.

Anyway, in an attempt to get more in the loop for this I believe I will sign up for the open beta for Tribes which (according the Rock, Paper, Shotgun) is possible by signing up here. Now before you get too excited, I just want to warn you that it does seem to require an account with Blogsmith to even be able to view the site. Which strikes me as a little odd. And more odd was that I couldn’t even find a way to create an account. Bizarre.

Anyway supposedly you can apply for the open beta on the official site and believe you me, I am looking for the link as hard as I can. Especially after viewing the Gameplay teaser trailer which looks completely AWESOME! Hopefully you’ll hear some more about this game from us very soon!

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