Peer Review Results: Orange is clearly better than Blue…

What’s that you say? New Portal 2 DLC? Ah, I bet it costs money… Wait… IT’S FREE?!?! Well it must not have very much in it then… There’s a whole new set of challenges and puzzles for Multiplayer? AND it’s free?

Pinch me, I must be dreaming…

OW!! Fuc- Well yeah, anyway! Now that I’m done messing around, I’ll actually tell you about it.

Actually there isn’t much else to tell. Basically if you have Portal 2 on X-Box, PS3 or Steam get connected to the interwebz and you will automatically be able to get Peer Review, the next set of Multiplayer challenges featuring P-Body and Atlas! The only other thing I know is that it will be like the original multiplayer campaign in that the challenges will again be set by GLaDOS and that everything is FINE!

There will also be leaderboards and the like so that people with the best, I don’t know really… times, number of portals and number of steps are the usual ones, can compare them with other people!

Now obviously we will play it. The problem is that it might well turn out to be “eventually” as my copy of Portal 2 is in another city. Bollocks…

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