Dark Millennium Announced… For another distance point in the future…

Do you like Warhammer 40K? Do you like MMOs? Will you still be interested in both of these things in two years?

Well then you’re in luck! THQ (the developers behind Space Marine… still waiting on that review Tim!) have announced Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium, a Warhammer 40K MMO. They have also already stated that it is set for release on March the 13th, 2013, which is a long time enough away for me to make this post and then comfortably forget about it for a little while.

In honesty though, it might well be a pretty cool game. Warhammer has always been something I have found quite cool and 40K is particularly awesome, so an MMO might well have a fair amount of awesome! Also in honesty… who do THQ think they are? By putting a release date in the game so far away from it’s actual release they are being incredibly optimistic. I mean, it’s probably good for publicity, but so many games and game companies these days have delays and have to push back releases further and further. So by putting a release date on the product so early on THQ might well get a whole bunch of nerd-rage if they are forced to push it back (which often happens, especially with MMOs).

Anyway, there you have it! Keep it on your radar if you fill the categories mentioned at the top!

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