Please Hold…

You may have noticed a sudden decrease in posting and a bizarre change in the format to MMGaming. Well, this is because we have now changed the domain slightly and we are now hosted by… I think we are now hosting ourselves…

Whatever, I wasn’t really paying attention TOO much when the guys started to plan this change, and while I will figure out exactly what’s changed, I don’t really think you guys would care too much for the technical details.

Basically we are now a more independent and serious website in our own right and while we are still getting used to the new format and are still experiencing a few technical difficulties (the background being a major example) we should have normal service up and running shortly! In the meantime, please keep checking us out and keep checking back!

ALSO! If you guys have noticed any problems with the site so far then please let us know so we can actually change them!

P.s. I would like to point out that ALL of our old posts and reviews and stuff ARE still there. Unfortunately the url for each thing has changed, so I think any links in posts to other MMGaming posts will not work… We will try and get this sorted, but there are a lot of links…

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