Space Marine




I’v been pestered to do this. Pestered for months, years, decades. “Do the Space Marine review! Do it!” says Seb. “Shut up” says me. Here’s my review.

The game is average.



The end.


You are a space marine and your job is to kill orcs and chaos and save the world.

Well it is that simple. I tried to play it, it’s graphics and interesting universe drew me in. Its boring simple repetitive gameplay threw me out. I literally couldn’t bring myself to play through the boredom. Space Marine seemed to offer so much promise and I can guarantee people out there will like it. There are moments that are properly cinematic when chopping through hordes of orcs with a chainsaw thingy. I honestly have no idea why anyone would pay full price for this unless a massive fan of the 40k Warhammer universe. Maybe pick it up in the steam sales for no more than £5, and with the offer of free Co-op DLC you might find some fun with your friends.

I have no time for games that offer no innovation and it is as simple as that.




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