What you playing this week foo’? 4th – 10th November

So as the title say what are you playing this week (4th – 10th November) cos DAYUM GURL its only a week till Skyrim.

“Still working my way up battlefield ranks, clocked a good 15 hours so far! Also going to give Payday: The heist a try on PS3” – Tim

“Unfortunately I don’t have any more modern games to play. I haven’t bought anything recently and we haven’t had any delicious codes from any lovely developers. With this in mind I might do some retrospective reviews of games that are now old but we haven’t reviewed yet. Basically what this means is I’m going to be playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent and it’s expansion and I’ll be trying out the King Arthur game

P.s. I might well try and convince Tim to actually give us a review for Space Marine some time soon…” – Seb

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