Sword of the Stars Competition Update!

So if you like games you are probably interested in the competition we are running right now (see original details here) to win a code for Sword of the Stars Complete Edition. Also if you are a Sword of the Stars fan you might well be getting Sword of the Stars 2 (when Kerberos fix all the problems they’ve been having, details here). However, if you were one of the oens who pre-ordered Sword of the Stars 2 then you are probably aware that as part of the apology for messing up the release Kerberos are giving away more copies for the original Sword of the Stars.

Naturally this does scupper our competition some! However, we shall muddle on!

It is worth pointing out that our competition for writing a short bit about your space captain and his space-ship, adventures or whatever has not really gained the sort of response we were hoping for. With that in mind we are now changing the competition slightly, after all we would rather actually give the codes away to SOMEONE rather than just hang onto them.

The new competition is far simpler than the old one. There is still a chance to win one of two (of the five) codes via following our Twitter and retweeting: “We are not alone… @swordofthestars @PDXinteractive @MMGamers”

Another one code can be won by liking our Facebook group! In fact we are appreciative enough of those who choose to follow us or subscribe to us that we will be giving the code to one lucky person who has liked our Facebook. Whether they did it at the start or whether they do it in the next few days has no bearing, as long as you have liked the group you are in with a shot.

Similarly we are offering the last two codes to ANYONE who is a subscriber for our site itself! The subscribe button is up at the top and if you do subscribe you will be in with a shot at winning one of two, of the five codes.

Again, we will not be giving out more than one code to any one person, but by subscribing/liking/following us on all three platforms you will be increasing your shot at receiving a fantastic game (review here)!

In order to allow for this change we are also extending the competition by a few days. The closing date is now the 10th of November! Because, let’s face it, nobody is playing anything other than Skyrim after that…

4 thoughts on “Sword of the Stars Competition Update!

  1. > Similarly we are offering the last two codes to ANYONE who is a subscriber for our site itself!

    There are 3 feeds. Which one should I subscribe to?

    1. The feeds are our Twitter, our Facebook AND the WordPress site itself. You increase your chances of winning a copy of the game if you subscribe to all three.

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