It’s quiet… Too quiet…

Man… It’s really weird but for the last week and a bit the amount of news on video games has been really slow. I mean I know I am picking and choosing what to post a fair amount, but honestly… do you really care that Deus Ex: Human Revolution passed 2.18 million copies sold or that Minecraft recently beasted 4 millions copies sold?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, with the amount of time on my hands I can only post so much news and so I’m going to post the stuff that interests me. If it doesn’t (or if I can’t post it without actually copying another sites article word for word) then I won’t post it here.

But it’s really bizarre that there hasn’t been that much news lately… You’d almost think that something was stopping games companies from releasing news… Something that has them scared to poke their head over the ramparts for a while…

Oh yeah I forgot…



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