Rainbow Six Patriots

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 is set to return with a latest instalment called Patriots. So far not much has been revealed about the game, screenshots or gameplay footage. Well not exactly anyway. You see, around the start of the year (or so Ubisoft claim) some “Prototype” “gameplay” was produced. Footage of this “gameplay” has now been revealed in an astoundingly impressive video. Now the video does not actually feature any ACTUAL gameplay, nor is it technically a trailer for the game. What the trailer is, is what Ubisoft say they are hoping the game will be like. At least that’s how I understand it.

This is an attempt by Ubisoft to show off just what they could possibly achieve with Rainbow 6 Patriots, and just how amazing they could make it.

So while the video doesn’t actually show anything from the game, it does show what the game could end up looking like. Or, in an ideal world, it could be a benchmark and the game could end up looking even better.

I am rambling a bit, but if you saw the trailer you would as well.. Ubisoft have never shied away from awesome but (once you get past the slightly less interesting start) here they have outdone themselves. If the finished game is at all like this, I’m pretty sure your CoDs and Battlefields will have to simply sit there and watch their betters kick their asses. Enjoy!

P.s. Rumours have this game with a release date sometime in 2013. So don’t get too aroused just yet.

INTEREST!!! Don’t let your INTEREST get aroused too much just yet!!!

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