Minecraft Release Date… Wait what?

So, Minecraft is set for release some time next week. Yes you heard me right. Set for “release”. After all the game is technically still in Beta and not yet ready to be viewed by the general public…

You know… the game that is already owned by over four million people…

You know, I haven’t really considered this game as in a beta for the last two whole updates. Let’s face facts, a good many “full and complete” games haven’t sold as many as four million copies in their entire lifetimes and Minecraft has somehow managed to do that before it’s release?

Well anyway, along with the full release of the game there will be a plethora of new features, the full list of which can be checked out at the Minecraft Wiki. The game will continue to be updated for the forseeable future, so really I’m not entirely sure what difference the game going “official” will make.

Interestingly, the release of 1.0 (as the “full” version of the game is being called) might be the perfect opportunity for us to actually do an MMGaming review of Minecraft. Talking a bit about the game and the new features.

Hell it’d just be cool to fight a dragon (someone wishes he could be playing Skyrim right now…).

Anyway, that’s this slightly rambling news post over!

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