Skyrim Update 1.5

The beta version for the most recent update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available right now on steam with the full version coming out fairly soon. It will be coming out to PC’s first followed shortly after by the update coming to consoles (as per usual). It’s rather depressing in that every time I look for gaming […]

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Minecraft 1.2

I’m a little off the ball posting about this update as it actually came out late last week. You surely all know the deal by now: new features and improvements of old ones. This particular expansion seems to be particularly based around adorableness and babies as now you can get Ocelots which can have kittens. […]

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Some DLC to excite and amuse

This week see’s two bout of DLC coming out, for those of us interested. Later on this week will see us being able to play as the overpowered Locust general RAAM in the Gears of War 3 (by Epic Games) DLC “RAAM’s Shadow”. Set before the events of Gears One, RAAM’s Shadow will involve crushing some […]

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