Holy-Possible-Release-Date Batman!

According to Joystiq it might actually be sooner than I had anticipated that we will be seeing the true next-gen consoles. I mean lets face it, the XBox 360 and PS3 AREN’T “next-gen” consoles. If anything, they are “current-gen” consoles.

Anyway, apparently Ubisoft are already working on some projects (lets call them “games”) that will fit into the specifications for the XBox 720 (as everyone has been calling it) which have, supposedly, been supplied by Microsoft. This would suggest that the 720 is further along the planning part of development than I had believed if Microsoft know what specifications they plan to put into it.

As well as that, there have been reports of Sony shifting a lot of resources into the development of the Playstation 4 (as we are all calling it) so that they can say that they are at the same stage of development as the 720 and then release it a year and a half later!

Anyway, this all leads to the speculation that the next-gen consoles could well be released NEXT YEAR! That’s right! We could only be a year away from experiencing NEXT GEN red rings of death!

Oh… Be still my beating heart…

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