Riot Games – We’rea’ beat yo ass!

According to Riot Games, the unstoppable giant that is League of Legends has reached 11.5 MILLION active players world-wide with 1.3 MILLION players battling it out with each other during peak times.

Holy hell… That is a fucking LOT of people Tim has to put up with every time he plays.I actually haven’t played a LoL game in the last three or so months but I do feel I should, time permitting, get back into it. Of course my brain also says the same of Minecraft and World of Warcraft… I become loyal to games you see…

However my true loyalties tend to lie in another direction and I will say that LoL’s 11.5 million players absolutely trumps WoW’s latest numbers of around 10.3 million players. Worse… the peak times of LoL (1.3 million, in case you’ve already forgotten) absolutely blast the peak player times of Skyrim away, which is around 250,000.

So LoL is absolutely beasting World of Warcraft AND Skyrim?!? I mean, I know we all love free stuff, and we all love free stuff that is as good as League of Legends… But surely Skyrim should be taking the crown right now? I mean what possible reason could you have for not desiring that game and desperately wanting to play it every waking moment of the day?

Anyway… congrats Riot!

Does that mean that now YOU are the evil multimillion games corporation trying to take all our souls?

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