Minecraft News and Updates

So there’s a few bits and pieces of Minecraft information that I feel I should share.

First off! You can now play Minecraft on any smart-phone you want! As far as I understand anyway. A pocket version of Minecraft has been available on Android for a little while now but now it is available to those of us who don’t own an Android phone! Huzzah! You can buy it from your app store for $9.99 or round about £7! Of course it is worth remembering that this isn’t the full Minecraft experience and so if you really want to experience Minecraft in all it’s glory you should just buy it on PC…

Speaking of… Minecraft (the FULL version) will be released on Friday (18th) this week. Naturally that means a massive launch, trailers and people will finally be able to get the game!

Oh wait… that’s all happened… So what’s gonna change? As far as I can tell… NOTHING!

Still worth pointing out though methinks…

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