ODST – Feet first into hell!

Halo has always inspired a rather impressive level of devotion in it’s fans but this level of fan-made awesome simply takes the biscuit. A group of Halo fans have put together a TV series called Halo: Helljumper.

Centred a single ODST, or Orbitial Drop Shock Trooper (aka: a Helljumper) soldier from his enlistment in the UNSC, fighting the Covenant to around the Fall of Reach, the show looks professional and completely awesome. The pilot episode will apparently be around 22 minutes and each subsequent episode will be closer to 12 minutes. You can check the trailer here after the jump.

The show premiers in January online as far as I understand. You can and should try to keep up to date with this as much as possible by checking out the official Helljumper site, but don’t worry as I will be reminding you closer to the release date! Anyway, check out some awesome Halo-ness:

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