Lovely Money!

Just a small post to tell you guys to check out Steam at some point over the next few days (before this coming Monday anyway) as there is a rather large Autumn sale on right now with some large titles being sold for ridiculously small amounts of money. The deals change every day, so each day will offer some games for some small amounts of money. So it’s definitely worth keeping your eye on it for the next few days in case that game you were hoping to get comes up on the list of deals!

A few of the deals available today (for the next 5 hours anyway) are:

  • Black Ops for £19.99 (a decrease of 50%)
  • Portal 2 for £6.79 (a decrease of 66%)
  • Mass Effect 2 for $4.99 (a decrease of 75%)
You should definitely check here every day until Monday to make sure you don’t miss out on a deal for a game you want!

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