Silence of the MMGamers

Pic semi related…

Anyway, just to let you guys know a couple of things about the next few weeks. First off, some of you are probably wondering about the radio silence from Tim on both the article and Youtube front. Don’t worry he’s not dead… he’s only pregnant…

No seriously he actually is in the process of some really heavy revision for his 2nd year exams coupled with a hella lot of coursework. I think his last exam is on the 12th so you can hope to see a triumphant return from him then! Along the same line, I will try to keep up the news posts and get a few reviews out over the next few weeks but I too have some exams soon for which I feel I should do SOME work…

Ah the pains of being a Uni student…

Don’t worry though, for the most part (assuming I can find interesting news) I will keep up getting a few posts up every day at least until the week prior to my exams.

I would like top say just now that you should keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for smaller updates on this…

Another thing though, this weekend might not see ANY news posts what-so-ever… I hope you guys did see the news post from last week about there being a free give-away of Star Wars: The Old Republic beta keys. Anyway, both me AND Tim have managed to get our hands on a key and intend to fill this weekend with lightsabers! Combine this with work and sleep and eating and there probably won’t be much time left for MMGaming. It is only for a weekend though, so don’t worry!

On that note I actually have some GOOD news! After this weekend the embargo on videos, screenshots and reviews/previews of SWTOR will be lifted. This means you can expect me to come at you with great vengeance and furious anger to give you my thoughts on the game.

Anyway, that’s my announcements over… I think… I would just like to make another appeal to any readers… Please, if you have a moment, a game we haven’t played or just something cool to share, why not send us an article and we might well post it on the site! We are and will remain busy for the foreseeable future as we work through Uni and so anyone who would like to become a guest writer here is MORE than welcome to share the load! Please if you are interested contact us either on or see the contact page at the top for our individual e-mails!

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