Everquest 2 Going Free to Play

Everquest, like so many other MMOs these days has finally folded to pressure and has become free-to-play! Sorry, is BECOMING free-to-play on the 6th of December! Huzzah! That’s really rather close, so don’t worry you don’t have long to wait… if you are waiting…

There will be three tiers of membership from paying nothing (bronze membership) and getting restricted access to content, paying around £3 a month (silver membership) and getting less restricted access to content and paying around £9 a month (gold membership) and getting complete access to everything. This post on the official game site details the difference in subscription methods.

But everyone, listen! You’ll have to keep this quiet! Tim liked Everquest 2! We can’t afford to lose him in an MMO! So… Shhh!

P.s. I feel I should tell you, when I typed in “Everquest 2 Wallpaper” into Google so I could get the nice picture for the top of this article… the amount of women and female elves etc. in “plate” bikinis almost made my head explode. One of these days people will question how on earth the female toons in MMOs survive with THAT amount of protection…

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