MMGaming Discusses: Batman Arkham City

Hello everyone and welcome to our second MMGaming discussion of a game. This time the featured game is Batman: Arkham City (at last) and the MMGamers who will be talking about it are: Tim, Ali and Me!

Just as a note before it begins, this is an article that will be posted AS WELL AS an actual review (coming soon to a browser near you). For the official MMGaming rating you will have to wait for the review, but the discussion does cover most of what we want to say about it. Enjoy!

Seb: Hey guys. Welcome to our discussion of Arkham Asylum!

Seb: Or, rather us naming all the ways we can praise Arkham Asylum…

Tim: Yay. Did you 100% it?

Seb: I haven’t, no. I’ve finished the story and am about half-way through all the side quests and Riddler challenges. 100% involves way more than even that though…

Ali: Well I’ve 100%’d it twice and done most of the challenges, so I’ll make up for Seb’s lack of play time.

Seb: So… You haven’t exactly 100%’d it yet then?

Ali: Well, the storyline and side quests and riddler challenges I have, and I’ve done new game plus, just haven’t done all of the combat and predator challenges.

Seb: So… you haven’t 100%’d it then…

Seb: still, more than enough I’d say. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the various challenges outside the game, but I think I saw enough to form an opinion.

Seb: So what are our thoughts?

Tim: It was great fun! I only rented it though, and I honestly can’t justify buying it. Great though it is, it had no replayability

Ali: I’ll give you that, the lack of variation in the out-of-game challenges does let it down quite a lot and the lack of any sort of multiplayer or anything of the sort limits it.

Tim: But for the time your actually in the game it’s an amazing experience. The story is so lively and you can really get into it.

Seb: I couldn’t agree more. There was never a single dull moment while playing that game

Seb: The new features they added since Arkham Asylum are also all pretty damn cool as well. Everything brings in something new that I can’t believe we did without in the first one.

Tim: I just thought the open world aspect of the Arkham City was the most impressive improvement. Other than that its just the same game with a bit more polish (not that the first one didn’t have polish!).

Ali: Yea it was similar to the first game, but bigger and better. Personally I think the side missions where you did some more of the analysis of crime scenes and the fact that there was actually an interesting story to most of them was a brilliant part of the game. There just wasn’t enough of it. Also the flying was the most noticeable improvement I thought. After you got the upgraded grappel you could travel the whole city without touching the ground which made batman feel a lot more… professional.

Seb: And sexier… But that’s another round of agreement from me I reckon. The whole “grapple-flight” aspect was absolute genius. Ages of fun on it’s own!

Tim: Just gonna throw this out there.. the Catwoman parts were lame

Seb: I’m not sure I agree with that. I thought she was a nice touch actually…

Seb: Don’t get me wrong, I hated travelling with her. Being told I was shit at climbing buildings got really annoying pretty quickly. But other than that I enjoyed her small parts.

Seb: Wait, that came out wrong…

Tim: Shut up Seb.

Tim: Her sections were so disjointed from the game. It seemed like they were just added in for the sake of it

Seb: I thought all her parts fit together rather well actually… Wait that also came out wrong…

Seb: But perhaps at first it seems like that. But they do tie in together closer to the end (no spoilers!).

Tim: Hardly even, also consider if you didn’t get the limited edition her sections weren’t even in the game

Seb: Yeah, I think I made a post about my disapproval of that on MMGaming a while back…

*Note that Savygamer solved this particular problem!!*

Ali: Well I would also disagree to an extend. The first time I played with her, I thought it was impressive that they’d made another character who was similar enough in play style to be intuitive after batman, but different enough to be a refreshing addition to the game. I also still hugely enjoy fighting with her. However after playing it through a second time, and especially on new game plus I found that her predator style is severly lacking. She only has about 5 moves which makes it incredibly difficult to take down groups of the armed thugs and yes, her traveling is just stupidly annoying. As for disjointed I would also disagree. She was in effect, a DLC herself, so that fact that the DLC was actually integrated into the game, as opposed to a new area tacked on the side as normal was well done.

Seb: I actually agree with pretty much everything Ali said there. The only thing missing from Catwoman I found was her lack of abilities which make the stealth missions so much more lacking in variation.

Seb: Batman always has at least a few options for taking down the various thugs. Catwoman’s missions all felt the same.

Seb: On that note, we have been saying “This is so amazing” and “That is so amazing”. Is there anything we didn’t like about the game? Tim mentioned a lack of replayability (which I agree with, to an extent) and his dislike of Catwoman. Anything else?

Ali: The entire premise of the game was ridiculous. The fact that there was a restricted area that you’re never allowed into was frustrating and the DLC is quite frankly, shit and annoying.

Seb: That was what I was hoping someone would bring up

Seb: The DLC

Seb: It’s ridiculous focus on the external challenges was really annoying and feels like a complete rip-off. In fact WAY too much of the game is a focus on the external challenges…

Tim: Story DLC is a must, yet there’s no plans for it. Sad Tim is sad

Seb: If you’re reading this Rocksteady… we are disappoint…

Seb: I will say, I can’t really think of anything else I disliked… there was the occasional bug where I would fly over a railing and end up hovering and spazing out on top of it for about 10 minutes… But other than that everything was like snorting solid awesome!

Ali: Yep I would agree, a truly excellent game overall, I love it, but it has annoying DLC and stupid amounts of out-game challenges.

Tim: I’m gonna stick to saying it’s one of the best games you can rent – period. Would I buy it? Well… Most likely not

Seb: I’m not sure… I mean I think, had I not played Ali’s version I would have bought it. If only so that I could own it.

Seb: I will say though that I recently have played a little of Arkham Asylum again and that is also still fun. So I think actually owning it is a good idea!

Ali: I would buy that game if it came with a kick in the nuts and a slap in the face. Nuff said.

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