Batman Arkham City: Skins Pack DLC

Wow That’s pretty cool isn’t it? And guess what! I have images of all the other new skins that you can download in one handy DLC Pack! This new DLC, aptly called the “Skins Pack” I believe is available for purchase as of yesterday for $5 (or in our money around £3)! You can check out all the various new Skins that you can get for Batman after the jump.

Before I show you them though I am going to throw a fucking temper-tantrum… THIS is the DLC you give us Rocksteady? We ask, nay, BEG for mroe story related content for Arkham City and less Challenge Maps and what do you give us? Something even LESS substantial than the Challenge Maps! Something which have no effect on the game whatsoever other than changing what the main character looks like.

Bravo Rocksteady… Bravo… I would have forgiven you a lot… But this? This pushes me over the edge! You see a cash cow and you beat it! Endlessly! With chainsaws! Please give US something out of the bargain!

Okay, so I exaggerate on the scale of the insult here… But be warned Rocksteady! I will start writing VERY sternly worded letters should this sort of thing happen again… IN TRIPLICATE!!!

What’s that? Oh yeah, here are the other skins:

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