Gotham City Imposters Goes Animated Part 2

I don’t know if you remember the last animated trailer for Gotham City Imposters but it was quite cool and amusing. A unique and, I think,  pretty awesome way of advertising for the game.

Most trailers tend to go for grit, grit, maybe some emotion and perhaps some more grit. Now I’m not complaining, some of the trailers I’ve seen/showed you guys are too awesome for words. But it is nice to see people go in another direction once in a while. So yeah, check out the trailer after the jump!

ALSO, just ’cause I feel I should I want to direct your attention to these development diaries from Monolith Studios! They show you some of the gameplay and character customisation that will be available in Imposters. Having, sadly, not been able to play it yet I would like to say that it LOOKS awesome and amazing. Whether it will actually BE this awesome and amazing, I don’t know…

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