James Bond: Golden Eye Reloaded

Did anybody know about this!?! Have I not been doing my job properly or what the hell happened here?!? I mean, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time pining after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and I didn’t know that James Bond: Goldeneye had been re-done AS WELL!?!

Seriously though, James Bond: Goldeneye Reloaded came out November 1st THIS year. And I really liked the original! Sure it was even longer ago than Halo was so perhaps I am seeing it through the rose-tinted goggles of a young gamer.  In fact, bizarrely I can barely remember much about playing it other than my enjoyment of it so I suppose that really does highlight how long ago this was… But I remember really liking this game, and now they have remade it!

I am at a loss for words… I feel empty and hollow inside that I didn’t know about this. Okay, but seriously, I heard about this, THIS afternoon and since then I have been wanting to play it again. Damn… I suppose I’ll just have to console myself with this launch trailer as I don’t think I’ll be playing it any time soon:

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