Winter-een-Mas is coming…

While we may not have mentioned it much yet, here at MMGaming we are all set to get into the Christmas spirit! Unfortunately for me my Christmas spirit won’t really kindle until after my last exam on the 20th. And Tim’s will only get started a little earlier as his last exam is on the 15th. But fear not we are more than looking forward to Christmas. Or at least I am… Christmas has never really lost it’s appeal to me…

However in recent years I have become an avid reader and fan of Ctrl-Alt-Del Comics by Tim Buckley and one of his little things, started in pretty much his first year, is a holiday called Winter-een-Mas. If you don’t know then the season of Winter-een-Mas is throughout January and the holiday itself is the last week of January. It is a season and holiday specifically for gamers where you must play games as avidly as you possibly can to honour the gods of gaming.

Of course this was invented by him and isn’t really wide-spread. But I approve whole-heartedly of the idea and want to share with you my approval. So I hope that after you all recover from New Years you will join us in celebrating video games for a month!

P.s. I also completely approve of the Game of Thrones reference in the poster/t-shirt design!

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