Too much awesome?

You might be wondering why there has been such an influx of trailers and announcements in the last 24 hours. Well that’s because yesterday in America a website called Spike (not really that well known to me unfortunately) ran it’s Video Game Awards (the Spike VGA)!

These awards are pretty big and influential and, as far as I am aware, are voted on by anyway who chooses to visit the site! But then I wasn’t aware of this until today… Bad times…

Most of the awards, however, have been given to the games I think they should have gone to. Rather than posting a list here (seems silly) I’ll give you the link and you can go and check out which game has won what!

So with a massive video game award ceremony/thing going on I suppose it makes sense that with all the attention on games a bunch of new stuff comes out to try and steal the spotlight! I wonder if there will be any more displays of awesome over the next few days…?

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