Hitman Absolution Trailer

As if yesterday didn’t give us ENOUGH awesome to last us until Christmas I’ve found and seen some more trailers for other games that look absolutely amazing. The first of these is the new Trailer for Hitman Absolution.

Having never played a Hitman game I think that when this comes out next year it will be the perfect opportunity to try and play with an assassin other than Ezio Auditore. Naturally though, nobody, even this grimly, awesome assassin in Hitman will be able to steal my heart from that dashing Italian rogue… The trailer is still pretty damn cool though!

Update: I also absolutely recommend you watch this 16 minutes or so of gameplay footage. It absolutely blew my mind and has in one quick move pushed Absolution from “might buy” to “must buy”.

2 thoughts on “Hitman Absolution Trailer

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t played any hitman game. They absolutely rock. I am a big fan of Hitman. While absolution isn’t released, i say you gotta play Hitman 2 atleast. It’s a bit old, but it’ll amaze you nonetheless. As well as Hitman Blood Money. It is really a very diverse game,as there are 3 or 4 ways of completing each mission…

    1. Hmm… I might keep a look out for good deals for either of them then… I do feel pretty deprived at never having played any Hitman games, I have to say…

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