Star Wars Galaxies gets out of the way of The Old Republic

The long running Star Wars MMO: Star Wars Galaxies finally shut down it’s remaining servers today after eight years so that Lucas Arts is free to fully concentrate on The Old Republic.

If you aren’t really following The Old Republic suffice to say that it will be finally released on the 20th (3 days from now) in the USA and on the 22nd here in Europe.

Let’s all have a moment of quiet contemplation for a fallen video game which is now merely a part of gaming and Star Wars history.

Now let’s all have a moment where we set our eyes on the bright and hopefully glorious future of The Old Republic!

I feel I should point out here something which lots of other sites have already made posts about. SWTOR may well be the most expensive video game EVER made with, ignoring money spent on marketing, around $135 MILLION having been spent! I just felt I should point out how bloody astounding that is!

May the force be with us all!

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