Who is Playing What… Christmas Special!

So the holidays have arrived and snow has annoyingly fallen over Glasgow. Tell us what your hoping to get for Christmas, and what you’ll be playing if you get a lump of coal under the tree. We will let you know what we are doing too!


“I shall unfortunately be spending far too much time with family. But having said that, I fancy getting some Terraria 1.1 on the go and continuing League of Legends as always. Oh and attempting DotA2 and some other MMGaming goodies!” – Tim


“I will FINALLY be able to play Skyrim. The game has been waiting at my home for the last month and now that I’m going home I will only be spending time with family… MY VIRTUAL FAMILY IN SKYRIM!!! Also there’s a bunch of other games that are needing a look in on (still). So you can expect to hear some stuff about Crusader Kings 2 AND King Arthur 2 over the Christmas period. And my current hopes and desires are pinned on getting Revelations for Christmas… It’s going to be fapt- I mean FANTASTIC!” – Seb

One thought on “Who is Playing What… Christmas Special!

  1. I is playing the NBA 2k11, because it continues to be the greatest game in existence, despite my loss at the hands of Jamie (It was a set up and unfair cause he was the Knicks and I was the Suns so of course I was going to lose) League of Legends bleugh bleugh bleugh no games for Christmas for James – no games for James. ButIIReallyShouldFinallyFinishTheMajesticGameThatIsMajesty! AND SKYRIM! Cause dat sky won’t rim itself.

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