Happy New Year from MMGaming

The good ship 2011 has sailed from these shores never to be seen again and now we enter the fray once again to do battle, this time with year 2012. But before I run out of metaphors allow me to say I hope you all had a great New Year and are ready for whatever the New Year brings. I also hope that you didn’t drink so much that you had to sleep through pretty much the whole of New Years Day… Good night though!

In fact the picture is semi-related here as supposedly the world is going to end on the 21st of December 2012. Of course I don’t buy into that… I think the Mayans just ran out of space on their rock…

Anyway over the last two weeks or so MMGaming has been fairly quiet as we’ve been partying, relaxing and enjoying Christmas and New Year but as I said it is once again time to re-enter the fray so you can expect posting to pick up again over the next few weeks. Especially as we are now in the season of Winter-een-Mas! I want everyone to remember that the holiday of Winter-een-Mas is the last week of January (25th to the 31st) but the season is the whole month. During the season you should be making an effort to game more than usual, play games you haven’t in a while, finish that one you put aside because it was too tough, organise a LAN party, get some friends and play Halo, write fanboy letters to developers, ANYTHING in short to do with games.

Gift giving is not encouraged (small home-made gifts are fine) but I hope you will get into the spirit of the season and get some rousing games going before returning to the dismal affair that is normal life. I know I intend to…

On that note I will finish with a short list of what you can expect over the coming weeks:

  • I will be continuing my Skyrim diary and one of us will be doing a full review on it’s glory
  • The lovely developers of QUBE sent us a review copy and I’ll be giving you a wee review on that too
  • We felt that we should have done a review on Minecraft on it’s “release date” and so we’ll get that out too
  • We’ve even got some Terraria related goodness coming for you guys
  • However, the first review I will be writing after this is something a little closer to my heart… stay tuned!

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