RPS Neptunes Pride Community Epic Underway!



So the fantastical Rock Paper Shotgun community has gathered together to start an epic game of Neptunes Pride. Eight of us will battle against each other among the stars over a series of weeks and months. Everyone has agreed to write up their plans and post them here on MMGaming so it should be a great read. The image is our starting positions, along with the names of the players with myself being under the alias Timmeister.

I have absolutely no idea what i’m doing in all honesty, surrounded by shiny buttons and fleets at my disposal I can’t think where to begin. Fortunately nobody else has a clue either so we shall be fumbling together for better or for worse.

May the negotiating/backstabbing/space-faring begin.

4 thoughts on “RPS Neptunes Pride Community Epic Underway!

  1. As a second group player, and a middle man at that, I don’t envy any of those stuck in between all the other players. I know I’ve had more than enough trouble due to it; I can’t wait to read your stories.

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