Neptune’s Pride – Following the Trend

After hearing about Neptune’s Pride, the long-term, real-time, in-browser, multiplayer strategy game. Or as I like to call it LTRTIBMS game… I checked out the game at the official site and watched Tim in the play a little in the early days of his Empire.

I was quickly hooked on the idea and mechanics behind the game and myself went on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums to sign up for a game myself.

After waiting a couple of days for the thing to be set up I am now, as of last Monday I think, also in a game with some fellow RPSers. The screenshot at the top shows my starting position as well as the others (I am the Dark Red Empire). Already I am pretty much addicted to the game. Checking again and again on the progress of my fleets and my Empire.

I will also be writing a diary of the game but will be posting it sometime later on in the year so that it doesn’t clash with Tim’s account of his game.

I will say despite the simple and perhaps slow nature of the game. It feels absolutely amazing. Always thoughts are racing with every possibility and while I currently don’t think I am going to win. I will say I will enjoy it just as much regardless of what happens.

Victory for the Ileryu!

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