Unstoppable Gorg Review




Tower defenses people. You either love em’ or you hate em’. Or you don’t really care about them, so really everyone has different opinions on tower defenses… damn.. Anyway!  In general there is a lot of complaints that tower defense games are passive playing, you place your towers and watch as the enemy waves crumble. It is dull, I’ll admit that right now and people know it is dull. So developers are striving to revitalize this genre of game with new interesting  mechanics for better or for worse. In the case of  Unstoppable Gorg it is definitely for the better.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. With tower defense games there is only so much you can say (usually they are cheap though, and Unstoppable Gorg is no exception) although in this case it certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Unstoppable Gorg sees you defending different planets/satellites/space ships from waves of three varying alien races.  The unique twist here is that your towers (or satellites) can only be placed on certain spots in rings (orbits) around the object you are defending. You have the ability to move each orbit and therefore move the towers, constantly readjusting the position of your towers. This is essential as the routes that the aliens take change 5 or 6 times each stage, so you need to always be on your toes to move your satellites into position. It adds some interactivity to your normal tower defense. In the later levels your satellites need to always be changing position to cope with increased difficulty and number of enemies and it can get very frantic!

The style of the game is that of a B movie and it is done superbly. Black and white footage of spaceships clearly cut out of cardboard, a repetitive jazzy soundtrack and some nicely styled menus and options make the game feel special. It adds charm to the game and that can only be a plus. The graphics itself are really nice, with the models of different enemies looking always new and interesting.

There are 21 levels in total with challenge maps to boot. The main problem for me? I suck. Or do I suck? I don’t even know, but this game is bloody hard. You need to be perfect with your tower placement and keeping your towers out of harms way or things go down hill very fast. I say this is a problem but I don’t actually mind it, I want to improve at Unstoppable Gorg. I want to keep playing it to improve my scores and defeat the alien races.  With a Steam price tag of £6.99 you really can’t go wrong even if tower defenses aren’t normally your thing.

Quite simply its a really enjoyable tower defense and one of the only ones that has got my attention since the days of Warcraft 3 custom games.

Rating: A



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