Guild Wars 2 – Set for release in 2012

Hang on… Did we not already know this?

A lot of gaming sites are giving out the news that Guild Wars 2 is now set to be released in late 2012! I mean Huzzah! And Hurray! And all that. Etcetera, etcetera… But I thought we already knew that? We need to be told again?

Although in fairness there is more news about Guild Wars 2 that I wasn’t aware of.

The new and more exciting stuff is that there will be an open Beta in March and April and that select members of the press will be allowed in as early as February. So it will likely be around this time we actually hear more about the actual game rather than saliva-inducing tidbits. I’d just like to point out here…. MMGaming are press! Plus we’re very select! In fact you’d have to specifically look for us in order to select us… It doesn’t get more select!

We were actually planning on changing the name to Select-Press Gaming! SM-Gaming!

Wait that doesn’t sound right…

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