Save File Locations

I’m not so full of it and arrogant to believe that a great many people will pay attention to me and my opinions. And certainly not big, multi-national corporations. But they should! And so should you!

But arrogance aside, a specific article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun (yeah, them again!) caught my eye the other day that I feel ought to be spread about the internet in so many forms until even the biggest gaming companies sit up and listen.

The article in question was concerning the fact that almost every single game (even by those from the same company sometimes) has it’s own little directory it uses and creates for save files when you install it on your computer. Now I don’t have hundreds of PC games and they aren’t exactly cluttering up my hard-drive (I get a little bit OCD about making sure everything is NEAT and TIDY!) But it’s always bothered me that I will find folders containing my saves are spread far and wide throughout my computer and sorting them out is a fucking pain in my virtual arse.

Especially when I go around deleting unnecessary stuff and I find a folder I’m not even sure what it belongs to…

So anyway, the same Rock, Paper, Shotgunner actually gives a solution to this problem and I think that all video game companies should do their utmost to adhere to this from now on! Let’s keep everyzing NEAT and TIDY!

Ve MUST have ORDER. Und DISCIPLINE! First in our computahz! Zen in our MINDS!!

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