Helljumper Episode 1

I forgot to make a news post when the first episode of Helljumper was released for one simple reason. I forgot it was coming out when it did. However, I actually just watched it and enjoyed myself some Halo awesome! You can check out the 13 minute video of awesome after the jump! I’ll also give some of my thoughts on the video (like I’ve been meaning to do for videos/trailers and fan-films).

Overall the video does serve as a nice little introduction to the series and it’s pretty fucking cool and really nicely done. I love the armour and weapons and keep getting shivers up my spine at the whole Halo feel. The music also fit the Halo feel of the videos making it all the better.

I did actually have a few issues with it though, which some of you might have noticed. First off the fact that people wear the same clothes as they do now and the fact that a lot of the buildings you see in the background could be anywhere in Earth NOW seems a bit of a shame as it detracts from the futuristic feel.

It also bothers me that there were so few soldiers and ODST guys training and the whole announcement of being attacked by the Covenant seemed really under-dramatic. I would’ve thought of a general revealing it to a mass assembly of human troops might have been more appropriate.

The thing that bothered me most actually was the sound. The guns seemed ridiculously quiet and the talking also seemed both quiet and, at times, out of synch. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed that. As someone who’s hard of hearing I will say that the sound quality definitely removed from the whole experience and immersion from the video.

All that said, it is a pretty fucking awesome Halo video. The graphics are nice and the UNSC and ODST look amazing. Hellm that grunt at the very start was pretty fucking awesome as well. Hopefully it’s all up from here!

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