Video Mondaily – Jumping on Command

A long time ago in a flat far, far away… (Also known as a few days ago in a flat in Edinburgh via an online messenger). Tim: “Hey Seb, check out The Rake – Back to Asylum. Might be fun or make a good video.” Seb: “What is it? What makes you say that?” Tim: […]

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Far Cry 3 trailer teaser

The trailer for Far Cry 3 was leaked onto the interwebs a day early and you used to be able to view it here. Ubisoft have already pulled it down though, before even I could see it, so I know as little as you do about what it contained. I think though, the rest of […]

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Helljumper Episode 1

I forgot to make a news post when the first episode of Helljumper was released for one simple reason. I forgot it was coming out when it did. However, I actually just watched it and enjoyed myself some Halo awesome! You can check out the 13 minute video of awesome after the jump! I’ll also […]

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IT’S OVER 1000!!! Players…

A few days ago a new¬†Guinness¬†World Record was set for the most gamers playing on one single online multiplayer server at the same time. Around 1000 people were all online at the same time in one gigantic battlefield with lazers and profanity flying every which way. Developed by Much Different, Man Vs. Machine (the game […]

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