AirBuccaneers HD Fan Vs Devs


So today was the scheduled fan vs developers match on the alpha of their game AirBuccaneers HD. I decided that I should be representing some fans here and so logged in to see whats what. I joined for a total of 3 games, one was an mountainous grass land level, one a swamp and the other a tundra. Surprisingly, the fans won them all. Now I’d been on the AirBuccaneers HD website before for a browse but never had the urge to actually try out the free alpha build. Is it any good?

Well it is filled with bugs, clunky animations and poor visuals but it has charm and style. With the game only being alpha..scrap that PRE-alpha there is a lot you can forgive. The game involves groups of players flying in hot air balloons shooting at the opposition teams hot air balloons. Each team has something like 3 large balloons and 3 small. Each balloon needs a sizeable  crew, someone to man the steering, atleast 2 men on the 4 guns, some men to fill the cannon balls and light the fuse, some men to defend against incoming cannon balls and some men to repair the balloon. In the end you can have around 10 people on this one tiny ship.. and it’s great! The team work that forms when a crew comes together and starts taking down enemy ships is a sight to see, people working together to take down an enemy without the rage of games like League of Legends. Games like this work lovely but only if you can join servers that are well populated which obviously was the case this time.

You can try out the free Pre-alpha build at Ludocrafts site or buy a $10 pass to net you the game on release and help fund the developers!

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